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Bachelorette Party pics, anyone? Click HERE.

Wedding pics? Go HERE.

Yup, I'm hitched. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to get out to Vegas for our Halloween Elvis Nuptial Extravaganza we'd orginally planned for, but had a lovely wedding just the same. As you can see, I didn't get to make my cherry print dress, or 50's-style hat (no time for either) fact, not much has turned out the way I had hoped or planned for my wedding. Money can be a real bitch, you know?

But, I'm married to the man of my dreams. I'm having an El Dia de los Muertos themed wedding reception this Saturday. I get to keep my own last name. I have a skeleton bride and groom cake topper. The coolest hand-painted los novios champagne glasses that you ever did see (check them out HERE!). An awesome pair of in-laws. And already, we're raking in money. Funny thing, this getting money and gifts just for getting married. Very strange.

We actually plan to save all cash from our wedding for our anniversary - when we plan to take a Honeymoon.

Things around here are simply crazy. CP got a new job mid-September, but they pay once a month. So we've been living very, VERY sparse while waiting for his real income to kick in. It's worth the wait, as this job is nearly twice the salary of what he made while working for his dad. It also allows me to shift focus back to my websites and creative endeavors...which have been severely neglected as we scraped by these past few months. To say things have been 'rough' would be an understatement. The words 'unexpected expense' take on a whole new meaning. Ugh.

Speaking of which, we've adopted a new Kitty by the name of Cornelius (see handsome kitty on the left - Francis is the squinchy-eyed one on the right):

CornPants (as he's affectionately known in these parts), was a stray tom cat that basically lived on our patio (of our new townhouse). I was delighted to have this new FelineFriend living on my porch and purring every time I stuck my head out the door. We'd actually planned to adopt him all along, but simply hadn't had the money, until he came up missing for a few days. I worried myself sick, when a few days later, he finally showed up again, very sick, and very lethargic. Turns out, he had a large abcess from a cat bite, and was quite ill from it. After spending many worried hours at the emergency vet (and several hundred dollars), we decided he would be roaming the neighborhood no more.

Sadly, he was infested with fleas, and had no immunizations, so he was exiled to a cage on the porch for over a week. We had to wait until he was well enough to be vaccinated, and then just a little longer for the flea treatment & de-worming.

Once inside, he was banished to the half-bathroom for another two weeks, while the other cats became acclimated to his scent, and he healed from [yet another] surgery (castration).

It's been a long, LONG couple months. Francis was pissing and shitting all over my stuff. Only my stuff. The handbag I made for charity, my clothes, my fabric, my trims....oh....and our bed. I had no idea he was so protective of me. Now I know what a Momma's Boy I've created. *sigh*

After synthetic hormone diffusers, special hormonal cat litter (complete with special litter box in the upstairs bathroom), Francis and Cornelius are finally getting along. I've mentioned something about unexpected expenses, right? Yeah.

So much more going on, but my writing skills no longer exist, and I suck at this blog thing anymore. I'm amazed I have any readers left at all. Truthfully, I haven't been able to think of anything positive to write about the past few months. Things are slowly starting to turn around. Very. Very. Slowly. For those of you *still* reading my diary, I've put all entries pre-CP into my private folder. I think all of the garbage about R was keeping away from D-land for a long time. I decided SugarKitty was becoming too well known to have that kind of dirty laundry out in cyberland anymore. It was painstaking, and extraordinarily painful, but I went through all the old entries and put them where they should be.

That's all I've got for now - it's only taken me an hour and a half to write this entry (to show how many things I've got going on at once). Hope it's not too awful! Be back soon with reception pictures!



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